Idiot's hall of fame, Aka Bad Traders

Reason for this:

In the past I got a bad trader alert from someone else in my The Cure section, anyway I didnít care about wrote his stupid name and info at my site, I didnít want problems with others, because of that I forgot his name and data and the same asshole 4 months later, stole from me 12 CD's and in fact more than 50 CD's from my friends using my good traders list, so to avoid me forget these names, I created the next list.

The next is a list of Bad traders that have done something against me or one of my good traders pals, so here is enough info to avoid problems with them, in special with the idiot that never sent me the cd's from Argentina and continues stolen others now we are 3 the victims of this idiot. AVOID HIM and if you can write his stupid name on your page to save others from this damn asshole.

If you trade frequently with me and want me to add a name just ask me.


Daniel Purgat from Buenos Aires Argentina, I never received the CD's & he said the same even with that all the material I sent him is in his list, he had also problems with Scott so don't trade with this idiot, he has a post on Maiden central and up the "edge of darkness" e-mail: .

His new site:

Well new stupidities by this fucking arrogant mother fucker or as we say in Spanish de este hijo de su puta madre, I wish your tiny dick falls into the floor and a dog eats it, of course the dog will have tons of hunger after that. This idiot now stole from Fabian a Brazilian trader with a really good name (His name is in 3 good traders list of some of my friends), 10 CD's, yes you read right 10, When is going to stop his abuses?, I wish you the worst, if you don't have money to buy them at least try to pay with blanks and not to be the parasite that you are, Idiots like you deserve some bones broken, because of you I have decided to don't trade again with someone from Argentina, sorry for the others this time they will pay for this human scorn. With this decision I'm not trying to say that everybody from Argentina is a bad trader as Fabian told me "There are idiots around the world", I would be an idiot if I thought that, but because I don't have the rule that you send first if it is our first trade, and he uses other names and others e-mail accounts, I can't take more risks with him, so if you are from Argentina excuse me but I need to protect myself, I hope you can understand my point of view.

Here you can click to read all the mails between him and Fabian

Here the address of the bastard:

Daniel Purgat (10 Cds)
Nicolas Descalzi 5586 13 A
Codigo Postal 1439
Capital Federal
Buenos Aires


OK here goes a new history, there is a guy called Mario Purgat who claims he is not Daniel Purgat, he accepts they are cousins but nothing to do about stealing from others as his asshole cousin Daniel, so I highly recommend to do the next if you are going to trade with him ask him to send first or if you know someone in his good traders list ask them, that way you will avoid problems and maybe he is 100% right about his idiot cousin and me and others have done something wrong.


 A new bad trader included this time for Belgium, He or She call him or herself Daemon & Delilah, it wrote me asking me about a trade an offered me to send first, strangely I accepted it, because I prefer to send at the same time, 2 weeks later he wrote me asking me if I lost interest in the trade, even when I have answered his mail, I say no I still want to trade and he asked me when you can send the CD's so I accepted to send them in 4 days and he agreed with the same, 3 weeks later I asked him if he has gotten the CD's, of course he has gotten them I send them by registered he said me to never send them registered that he doesnít have time to pick them up at postal office, anyway I ask for the status of my CD's and he said this week they will be out, of course passed other 3 weeks and I havenít gotten them , so he wrote me asking me for my address, so I gave it to him and since that he hasnít answered my mails, so you whatever you are, you want your data out of my list send me my CD's you owe me:










And his address and data are:





He also trade with IRON MAIDEN so take care about him. The much time pass I will add my typical insults and more time I will send you a surprise!!!!

The next is a list of bad traders that have done something against Patrick, one of the best traders that I have known, here is the list and also a link to his bad traders page.

Patrick's Bad traders page


stranglehold <> : I don't know his name. He just sending me some email with some demands, and when all was ready to ship, he refuse to send me his name and address.


Per Mygind <> : He doesn't send the CD and i have no information about him. Mail without response!

 The next is a link to Marty bad traders page take a look at it: BAD TRADERS



Kimís bad traderís page:

His case:

J.R. Stubblefield
411 Providence Road #104
Brandon, Florida 33511


Owes me 5 CDs. Contacted me in July 2001 asking for a trade. Strangely I accepted to send first. 2 weeks later he told me that he had received the package. He said that he wanted also the artwork (which we hadn't agreed on). I said that I could email the covers to him but he got pissed and told me that if I didn't send the covers to him he wouldn't send my cdís. So, I sent him the printed covers in a separate package. He said as soon as he receives the covers he will send my cdís. Thatís 5 weeks ago. Some people says he's a good trader, well he doesn't seem like a good trader to me. Stay away from this liar, loser and Thief.

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New idiot this time someone attacked my friend Jorge (You know my main trader) and the history is really bad so check it by yourself, I know this guy is in some good traders page but if he stole from Jorge I donít have any doubt about Jorge history so for me he is a bad trader.



Jorgeís bad traders page




He also ripped off to my friend Sven from Site of the cross, so 2 cases with 2 of the best people I know itís not good here a link to Svenís site, if one of them doesnít work try the other one and check his bad traders list:


The next one is an idiot who ripped off Cris, Jim & Samuel so I trust on them and this idiot deserves this.
Crisí history: TRADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
paolo ripamonti
via sombrini, 5
24034 cisano bergamasco
Paolo is a complete jerk...ask Jim McCourt
as he has had problems with him too
Jim's site -
he will list him soon under bad traders
I sent Paolo on nov 2, 2001
31 iron maiden shows
53 cds & 3 cassettes (equivalent 5 cds)
$20.00 SHIPPING, 
$35.00 SUPPLIES, 
he received the shows that i sent him within 10 days.
he confirmed receiving them.
Date:†† 11/13/01 6:13:52 AM Pacific Standard Time
From:†† (paolo ripamonti)
I've received your stuff today!
thank you!
he said he needed time to send my shows,
so i gave him about 2 weeks after he received mine.
i emailed him to ask the progress,
he responded a couple of days later...
Date:†† 11/28/01 6:03:30 AM Pacific Standard Time
From:†† (paolo ripamonti)
 haven't you received my last mail?
Anyway, I sent your tapes last week.
i hope you will receive them soon.
DEC 9, 2001
so i'm waiting...
at this point, according to him, its about 3 weeks since he sent 
so i emailed him...he responded...
Date:†† 12/9/01 3:49:42 AM Pacific Standard Time
From:†† (paolo ripamonti)
I'm working, I can't open my mail boxeveryday!!
So, please stop send me a mail everyday!
If you don't received my stuff within a week I will re-record 
WHAT A NICE GUY!!!!!!!!!!!
i had only sent him 2 emails
but he seemed to be bothered
by me asking...
...sorry for wanting my shows a*$%&le
he wanted to wait another week
to see if they would arrive...sure they would ;-)
so we waited...
i emailed him after a week
telling him that they have not arrived.
he seemed really concerned about his lost package ;-)
Date:†† 12/16/01 8:53:13 AM Pacific Standard Time
From:†† (paolo ripamonti)
So, I think that the package I sent you is lost...I re-record 
I asked him when he would "resend"
as if I actually believe at this point
that he sent them in the first place
(reason why I donít believe him will appear later).
he never responded.
I emailed him a few times
until I was tired of being polite with him.
I emailed him,
this time confronting him on my suspicions,
and he finally emailed back (2 WEEKS LATER)
Date:†† 12/29/01 10:09:34 AM Pacific Standard Time
From:†† (Paolo ripamonti)
I know that it seems that Iím trying to rip you off...but it isn't.
I'll send your stuff at the end of this week...for the second time.
I hope that this time you will receive it.
And remember..I know that you're wasting a lot of time waiting for my 
but Italian mail service won't give me back the money that I spent for 
previous one...
so basically he sat another 2 weeks without regard
and didnít bother to send my shows
and now he wanted ANOTHER WEEK ?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
before he would send the shows
I gave him a deadline of 10 days
on dec 29, 2001
today is January 8, 2002
no shows have arrived from him
or any emails stating they are on the way
Jim McCourt (a great trader)
also had the un-pleasure of dealing with this guy.
seems that Paolo has a reputation of being bad trader
I spoke with Jim about the situation...
this is what Jim had to say about Paolo:
Jimís history:
"Oh man, I'm sorry. Well here's the deal. We had 2 trades all he really 
were cassettes so I gave him a good deal. When they got here 2 of them 
totally blank! I'm easy going so I figured ok no big deal we'll do 
trade and he can make it up to me. Well, we agreed to the trade and he 
real keen on a "send date" so I sent mine to him he told me he sent 
after a month I mailed him about 4 times till he responded with: "I'll 
tomorrow." about a month later they arrived. of course he did not 
include the 
2 that he owed me from our first trade, but I just let it go and 
Never to trade with him again. so yeah he's a dick. if he doesnít take 
care of 
you let me know and I'll post it on my bad traders page. you can tell 
that too, my page get a good amount of traffic so he needs to fix this"
even if this loser does send my shows...
He has cost me many trades.


Samuel history:


Hi Alejandro,
This is Samuel from Brazil ( and we have 
chated a
while back. Unfortunately we did not trade yet but I hope we can in the 
I am writing to you to talk about this guy PAOLO RIPAMONTI, from Italy. 
have traded with him some 3 or 4 times and nothing went wrong until our 
trade, in the end of 2001. I sent his package last January and did not 
an answer from him since them, even tough I wrote him more than 5 
about our trade. I did not receive anything from him indeed. I have the
strong suspicion that he ripped me off this time and I wrote him an 
today (this is the last) and if he does not answer in the next week, 
add him to my bad trader's page (he'll be the first).
I was surprised to know in your page that he ripped other traders off 
as I thought he really was a good trader, a little "clumbsy" sometimes, 
special with the dates, but good as well.
If you're open for a trade, just let me know and I'll send you my list.
P.S.: You'll have all my effort to erradicate bad traders...just count 
on me
on whatever you might need.