(If you also trade with Heavy Metal or Pink Floyd check the other sections for more bad traders)




If you are a girl, please excuse me for my vocabulary.


About The Cure I'm not the monster trader that I'm about Iron Maiden anyway I hope this info can help you to avoid problems with the next idiot. Mr. Jim, James, Pete, Brent, Ken (Or whatever this idiot call himself this week) Graham from now on going to be known as Mr. Bastard.


Well Mr. Bastard wrote me when my site was closed as you know I close my The Cure site to take some breaks frequently, but when I read his list I said "Oh I have to trade with him, his collection is fantastic", so my first mistake was my stupid ambitious, anyway Mr. Bastard asked me for 20 CD's, but he didn't have references (Well how the bloody hell he could have them, if he is an ass hole), so I said only 8 CD's first trade is short one, so he asked me for some shows from the old days, and I asked him for concerts of the kiss me X 3 era. Wembley 87 2 nights, Madison Square garden and Brussels.


I didn't give him my address to prove if he was honest and he mailed me and asked for it so I believed that he was honest then 2 weeks later, he wrote me and ask Have you finished the CD's? So I asked what the bloody hell you mean with that we sent them 2 weeks ago didn't you? He answered me yes, excuse me I got confused, 3 days later I got an e-mail from Patrick W. who forwarded an e-mail from Andreas (I have never traded with Andreas or Sandro but they are 2 of the biggest traders in the world so you can believe on them), on the mail there was a full description of their problems and I understood that I have been ripped off by this arrogant mother fucker. Who do you believe you are?, you are nothing apart an idiot, if you want to get some bootlegs pay for them at least with blanks, but is cheaper to steal from others, what kind of insane idiot are you?, I wish you get what you deserve believe me you will regret this abuse.


Of course since I asked him if he is the same guy that everybody hate so much, he answered that was a problem with other but in fact he is the only ass hole, here is his address, and since then he hasn't answered my e-mails, also he uses many e-mails all described at the end.


At least have enough guts to admit that you are an asshole!!!!



Mr. Graham

7 carramar crt
bayswater 3153
Melbourne Victoria


Brent Graham:
Ken Graham:


Maybe he has some others



Even worst he used my good traders list to steal my friends, please excuse me a good traders list is for help you not to give an idiot the chance of steal you.




Andreas story about this idiot


Sandro story about the ass hole


Patrick story about this motherfucker


Feed back at Stiff as toys about Mr. Tiny Dick


Feed back at HAP a site in Spanish about this insane idiot



A new faggot to the collection:


Chadwick Holland from USA


Here we go with another asshole, well he contacted me 6 months ago asking me for a trade, his collection was so small then that I sent him with a good trader ,Clay, so after 3 months he re-contacted me with some new shows and I decided to trade with him since he told me he had a great trade with Clay, well I sent 12 CD’s without mistakes he got them and said “Everything is great Thanks” but I never get my part of the deal, I asked for a re-send many times and he said “it will arrive soon”, that never happened I sent him an e-mail on January 1st asking for the material again and he never answered me, so after 20 days I sent one more, First he said “you don’t need to send 4 mails for that”, I never do that, Second he asked me to go and see at my custom service because USA mail service never fails, what an idiot, and Third he said all my concerts are wrong with gaps and pops like mp3’s, that’s a lie and if they were  like that why he said first everything is great, after that I asked Clay for his help but Clay answered me, he doesn’t know him, so he is a damn liar too and a fucking idiot, well now you have the whole panorama, avoid this damn idiot he trades mainly The Cure and Pink Floyd.





Well a good guy send me the next info, Chadwick Holland is now selling on E-bay just read what he says.





Thanks for your recent buisness!

Below is my updated catalog of live concerts on CD.

Please take a look as I might have what your looking for.

Have a great day!

please email me @




~an order of 1-11 CDs is 6.00 per CD

~an order of more than 12 CDs is 5.00 per CD



And later he add his list of stuff probably all stolen, just take a look this guy has guts to open his stupid mouth, and sell merchandise from the band on e-bay this asshole is a disease he should disappear from earth, take care because is sure he will take your money and the moron will never sends you the material.


Take care avoid this gay !!!!