The Cure: Pictures of Arles




There is some confusion about this concert, some traders believe that this one is from Frejus 16th June 1989 but not that is totally wrong it is from one day later Arles 17th June that is totally sure, you can check it in The Cure concerts guide at links section the song list was different.


About the sound, it has some slippery tape sound you know the typical wah wah from old days cassettes, all the songs from Disintegration album are included except Lovesong what is pretty stupid being one of the singles, during Why can't I be you Robert inserted some lyrics from Killing an Arab & music from Love cats, the surprise is It's not you but is a really short version.


Song list


  1. Plainsong, pictures of you, closedown, Kyoto song, a night like this, just like heaven, last dance, fascination street, cold, charlotte sometimes, the walk
  2. A forest, in-between days, the same deep water as you, prayers for rain, disintegration, lullaby, close to me, let's go to bed, why can't I be you, hot hot hot
  3. A strange day, it's not you, three imaginary boys, fire in Cairo, boys don't cry, homesick, untitled, faith



Live at Amphitheatre, Arles, France. 17 June 1989


Audience recording, Quality 8.


Handmade covers designed by me, Vegueta