I didn't want to create this part of the site, because is going to give an impression of a fan site, but I guess some links are really necessary so here they are, please don't expect banners or other images, also don't expect for the official site, if you like The Cure you know where it is.



For dates and song list of almost all the concerts visit: The Cure concerts guide managed by Andreas from Germany.


The best The Cure site by a Fan visit: Flowers of love managed by Petr an excellent trader from Checz Republic


The best site in Spanish: Blood flowers managed by HAP from Spain.



A good fan site Surreal Despair handle by Tyler from USA


Fantastic site in Spanish The Big Cure managed by Ytalo from Peru


A site with pictures, sounds, bootlegs, news, show list and more Forever drowning in Pornography English and French managed by Arnaud from France



With that is enough for other kind of links better check them and not me.