The Cure: At the edge of a deep green sea




One of the best bootlegs from this era the sound is really great and the performance also the CD2 was filled with songs from the secret gig in 1991 and the strong point is that all the encores are included as a difference with Show an strange fact is the A forest wasn't played during this concert, anyway M & Tree imaginary boys are really good.




1.      Tape, open, high, pictures of you, lullaby, doing the unstuck, just like heaven, apart, a night like this, Wendy time, the walk, let's go to bed, Friday I'm in love, in between days, from the edge of a deep green sea.

2.      Fascination street, never enough, cut, end, in your house, m, 3 imaginary boys, boys don't cry, charlotte sometimes, primary, the big hand, 1,2 ,3,4 (cut), a letter to Elise, Wendy time.


Soundboard Recording, Quality 10.

Live at Killburn, National Ballroom, London, U.K 05.03.92.

 Tracks 11-14 disc 2 from 17.01.91 T & C II club.