The Cure: Finsbury '93




The one and only concert from '93 and the first one without Porl Thompson, and the last one with Boris Williams and at least for me the beginning of the end of The Cure and the golden years, some months later Boris took the same way and that will be the total disaster that is The Cure now, only a bunch of cheap musicians backing Robert Smith as the only one talented member of The Cure, even Simon sounded and still sounds very far from his old style.


The concert is strange includes It's not you from the 3 imaginary boys album and is incredible, Fire in Cairo was played by Rob solo and acoustic, A forest sounds pretty strange played like in the wish tour but with alternative lyrics, Shiver & shake also blows my head.


At least I can say that Boris said goodbye with a bang!!!




1.             Shiver and shake, shake dog shake, 100 years, just like heaven, push, Fascination Street, open, high, from the edge of the deep green sea.

2.             Disintegration, end, Friday I'm in love, 3 imaginary boys, it's not you, boys don't cry, fire in Cairo, a forest.


Audience recording, Quality +7.

Live at Finsbury Park, London, UK. 13.06.93.

Handmade covers designed by Olivier


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