The Cure: Music planet 2nite




This one was a gift from my great friend Belen, Thank you very much!!!.


This one was taken from the webcast so the quality is soundboard but with that hollow compacted sound of the webcats, so now you know why is rated as 9 and not 10, anyway is pretty good and a good performance in a show hosted by Ray Cokes so in Boys donít cry he played the guitar, also a highlight is Saffron singing in Just say yes, even when I consider this is one of the most commercial (In the American style) songs, itís good to hear it at least with her.


There are many parts with the interview but the voice in French is louder enough to distract you from the original dialogue in English, some parts were edited to avoid the commercials and there are some ďFunnyĒ, (Well at least according with B) sounds and noises courtesy of OUI FM.


Song list


Just like heaven, close to me, lullaby, interview, in between days, interview, a forest, lovesong, interview, boys donít cry, just say yes, Friday Iím in love, interview, the walk, Why cant I be you.


Live at Le Reservoir, Paris, France, Webcast courtesy of OUI FM, October 26th 2001


Soundboard recording, Quality 9


Handmade covers designed by B